Pediatric Surgery

We took our youngest son (who is seven) to his first ENT appointment yesterday. He's had fluid in his ears for quite some time now and his Doctor just did not want to wait anymore on sending him to a specialist. According to the specialist he has to have a tube inserted in his ear, his tonsils out and his adenoid. He said that the surgery last about an hour and it would be out patient. Also...that the tonsillectomy is very painful afterwards and that he would have to be house bound for three weeks following.

As a mother it makes me baby boy having to go through this. Although it may not be serious and a small surgery that many children go through, he is still being put to sleep, having an experience in the hospital, being stuck in the house for three long weeks and the pain. He is a mama's boy, my pride and joy, my love, one of my best friends, and my can I help a seven year old understand the process of surgery?? Take a tour of the hospital, talk him through it, tell him he gets to have all the ice cream he wants for two weeks following and tons of extra hugs and attention?? Even after all that, do you really think at that age they understand what is being done and why? No, I don't believe they I will be here to love him, hold his hand and look into his eyes and tell him it's going to be OK, mama's here! Love you baby boy!!