Monterey Bay Lodge

On our way back down the California coast - we made a stop in Monterey. I really wish we would have had more time to actually explore it. We made the mistake of buying aquarium tickets from the hotel (which is a great deal, because you get two days for the price of one) but...we really just did not have time to see anything. The aquarium takes up so much time and we were running a bit behind already - that I did not even get a chance to walk across the street to the beach!! Yes...the Monterey Bay Lodge is right across the street from the beach!! The picture above really makes the hotel look larger than it is. It's not a high rise by any means, but then again, on a family vacation this is something that might be more fitting. We got to actually park right in front of our room which you can't say for many hotels - and parking was free :) The woman at the desk was very helpful giving us suggestions of what to see and where to eat. The hotel also has a restaurant on site - which we did not eat at, so am not sure what the food was like nor the prices.

There are two family suites available. This is really a great idea for families traveling with children but also want their private time. I was not really sure what to expect. In the picture below is the children's room, which is off to the side - with a closing door!! What's even cooler? They have a video game system inside the kids room!! You have to go to the front office to check out the games - which I would suggest doing upon check in so that the kids can keep busy while you're trying to unload the car. The only disappointing factor in this is that the kids room did not have cable, so to watch the Disney channel or Nick - cartoons period - they would have to come out to the other room. All in all it was a pretty nice stay - like I said we did not have time at all to really enjoy anything and I would for sure plan a trip back!!

Pros -

  • Right across from the beach
  • Dennis The Menace Park across the street

Aquarium deals

  • Kids sleeping area with a closing door - in the family suites
  • Affordable
  • Clean & Comfy
  • Free parking, right in front of your room

Cons -

  • No cable in the kids room

Would we recommend this hotel to family & friends - YES

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**Disclosure: The Monterey Bay Lodge provided us with one nights stay accommodation. No compensation was received and the opinions are purely my own.