Blogger Events

I have been thinking lately about all these blogger events that most of us get invited too. While they are fun and socializing - don't you all feel guilty for leaving your family behind, just a little maybe? I mean once in awhile is great, not all events are for products that are geared toward our children and we do all need to get out now and then....but I am not the only one behind my blog. These last few months there have been quite a few blogging events that I have just had to turn down because they did not include my family.

My blog mostly runs reviews - and most of those products are products geared toward children. So who do you think plays with the product, wears the product or watches the product? My children and / or my husband & I are the ones who actually "review" the product. I can only review most products based on my thoughts as a parent, but the product has to also appeal to my child and be able to entertain them or do what ever it is that the product is intended to do. The review cannot be a full review without an opinion of the age bracket the item is intended for.
This is not a post intended to put down the PR companies and to say I am not grateful for being invited to so many wonderful events. All I am saying is that I am not Hula Hooping Mom - my kids, my husband AND myself create this very blog and the reviews you see and read here. This blog would not be the blog it is without them. I think PR companies as well as the companies that hold the events need to keep that in mind. My husband & children often wonder why they can't come along to some of these events - and I have to stop and think to myself the same. If you want to present a product - they are the ones you should be thinking about. They are the real reviewers - I just write the content! Above are the faces behind Hula Hooping Mom and how they feel being "left out"

Alone I am not Hula Hooping Mom - my children, my husband AND myself are

"Hula Hooping Mom"

**I did want to point out that our family has been to some great events sponsored by some great companies - Thank you for including my family!!