Can you believe it's October already? Where did September go? Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I woke up to a chilly morning. It has been so hot this past summer, with most days hitting at triple digits. Yesterday I woke it and it really hit me, I had to grab a sweater to walk the kids to the bus stop. The air was breezy, but my favorite part of this year is the air quality. You can actually breath! LOL! The air is so fresh, crisp and clean!
Above is a picture of the view from our home last winter. We usually do not get that much snow - that was the most this area had seen in over twenty years. Isn't it just beautiful! That also was our first real winter here in the high desert. We moved up here from the city and it took us a while to get used to living in a rural area. We are city folks! I still can't believe this city girl has fallen so in love with the rural life!

With October here I am already making my plans for the weekend! I love love love decorating for the holidays, for any occasion for that matter! This weekend I will be digging out our Halloween decor. There is just something about the holidays and this time of year that give you that fuzzy feeling of togetherness and belonging. Our two youngest children are at that age where they are starting to remember things, places and events they have been too. It is much fun now that they are old enough to get involved. These next few months will go by so fast, so let's slow it down. Step back for a moment and think about what you can cut back on that will allow more time to be spent with the family. Cherish your time, your time with your family and create those special memories that will last a life time.