Dove, Pond's, Q-Tips and Vaseline have been providing us with beauty tips each day for just about the last month via the widget on the right side bar. Now given that a good majority of us already use at least one of these brands on a daily basis, the tips are only an added bonus! Since the tip changes daily and not all of us can catch it daily I wanted to post some of my favorite ones to share with all of you.

Vaseline - You can use this on your cuticles to soften them up, just rub in a small amount in the morning and before bed. Dab on a bit of petroleum jelly on your eyelashes everyday, it conditions them while giving the lashes an attractive gleam.

Dove - Did you know that each time you shave you remove 20% of your underarm skin? Dove Ultimate Deodorants includes a moisturizer that helps put back what shaving takes away. Frizzy hair, we all get it sometime or another and Dove can help with Dove Frizz Control Therapy Taming Cream. I have long thick hair and frizz is a problem for me too often. Try blow drying hair outside the bathroom. The steam from the shower creates humidity which leads to frizz.

Ponds - When going on vacation you don't want to pack big cleanser bottles that will only leak over everything in your luggage! Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes is great for traveling - they are portable and can even fit in your carry-on. Pond's Towelettes are also easy to carry in your purse. If you plan on going out straight from work and want to put on a fresh face of make-up you can easily use these to wipe clean and start fresh.

Q-Tips - Did you know that Q-Tips are made from 100% pure cotton! I will sometimes use these to help apply my make up - they are so much more affordable than make up brushes and I always worry about all that bacteria that can build up using something over and over. Q-Tip is a brand I always trust enough to use on my kids with it's 100% pure cotton!

Disclaimer: I did receive a sample product from each of these brands to test out the tips of the day. Receiving the products had no influence what so ever on my post - these are all brands that I use on a normal basis and have great faith in.