So you know the saying that Disneyland is THE happiest place on earth, right? Does that face above tell you any different? We had a blast on Friday! Our family is big on Disney and the last time we took our daughter she was so young that she did not remember. This is what she had been asking for, a trip to Disneyland. This was a surprise for the kids, we woke them up early, told them to get ready for school, get their backpacks together and off we went. Once we hit the highway they knew they were not going to school and starting guessing to where we were headed. Not once did Disneyland come out.

2009 is all about celebrating your birthday at Disneyland. On your birthday you get in free to Disneyland - but you must go on your birthday only and show proof. Because we already had tickets we did not need the free ticket for Mia. Disneyland has a new payment plan for those that live in Southern California and would like annual passports - something that was new to me and we took full advantage! We did not have to put anything down since we had tickets already. The tickets we had were valued at $99 - so that is what went toward each annual passport. Now we can enjoy Disneyland all year with small monthly payments and no interest! Now that we were annual passport holders - Disney is not leaving us out on our birthday - they gave Mia three options to choose from, one was a Disney gift card valued at a child's price of $62! How wonderful is that!! Perfect for her to go shopping at the end of our visit. Just inside Disneyland Park we also stopped at City Hall to pick up a birthday button for Mia to wear. So that my son was not left out they gave him a button that said "honorary guest". As we went throughout the day most every time a cast member saw our daughter wearing the button they would tell her happy birthday. I even got one of the bands to sing her happy birthday, she was so shy she just stood there!!!

They were so fast I was only able to catch the end of it, but glad I did! We had a wonderful day and thanks to Disneyland it will be a birthday to remember!!

Not only was this our daughter's birthday but we were also excited that is was the first day of Disney's Halloween Celebration. My favorite ride is Space Mountain, and I heard they transformed the ride for Halloween. As you walked into the park they had a huge pumpkin carved as mickey where we stopped to take a quick family picture.
I am so sad to say we missed riding the Haunted Mansion - it was having minor problems and was closed off and on throughout the day and by the evening the lines were just way too long - but good thing is we have our annual passes now - so will be revisiting for that!! But I had to share this picture with you - doesn't it look amazing!!

Disneyland is a must during the holiday's - It is really the most magical place you can go; once you walk into that park - you leave everything on the other side of those gates and you watch as your little girls (or boys) dreams come true. We were so happy that we were able to fulfill our little girls birthday wish - and with the help of Disney - she had a wonderful and very memorable birthday!

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