**Disclosure: This is a sponsored post although all opinions are of my own. 

As our youngest two children started to reach their teen years, that's when we as parents really started to focus in on safety when it came to technology in today's world.  As a parent, it is so scary to think who really may be on the other side of that computer screen.  Our youngest is twelve and we still have not given her a phone of her own.  She doesn't have a Facebook or go on Instagram.  Next is our fourteen year old son.   He does have a phone as well as an Instagram account.  And it's scary to think who may be "watching" him.  I signed up for the free trial that KidGuard offers.  I highly suggest you take a look and even give it a try - you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!  There is so much to share about KidGuard - take a look at the video to go over a bit more! 

Some of my favorite features - 

  • Call history & contacts
  • Text messages - even deleted ones! 
  • GPS location in real time
  • Recent photos - sent and received
  • Browser history
  • Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp messages
  • Crisis report - Situation 360 for emergencies
  • 10 day free trial (only $19.99 monthly thereafter)

KidGuard really is an advocate for youth internet safety, especially with the alarming increase of online predators in the past decade.  I highly recommend KidGuard! I was a bit nervous at first prying into my child's privacy so much, but I sat down with my kids, explained what I was doing and why.  I showed them some stories regarding online predators and explained that this was to help keep them safe along with how much we as parents love them! My kids were totally okay with this as we were open about it.  It's up to you how you handle it, but just be honest with your kids, they will probably even forget all about it. It's okay to get that little extra help from KidGuard!  

Check out their Parent's Survival Guide to Online Safety and sign up for their free trial - I guarantee you will not regret it and set your mind at ease at bit!