Gorton's Seafood

**Disclosure:  Our family was provided with a baking kit including coupons for free product to help facilitate this feature.  All opinions are of my own, your opinion may vary.  No monentary compensation was received. 

Love Seafood!! You will laugh, but I never was a seafood fan until my early 30's!  I was raised on fast food and just never had the opportunity to try seafood so it never had appealed to me.  When I got married to my husband - he's a big fisherman.   He's an outdoors person and has turned me into a fisher woman! I totally love it and I'm out wanting to go fishing more than he does lol!  Oh - and shrimp, cod and salmon - all some of my favorites now!  Can't go wrong on a cold winter day with some fish n' chips topped with malt vinegar! Salmon is my favorite fish! I'll eat it anyway you cook it!  It's healthy and just melts in your mouth!

How about some grilled salmon?  If you're like most parts of the country, it's been pretty darn cold!  Although we love to grill year round, there's those times when cooking indoors will be just as good!  Did you know that you can get that same grilled taste with Gorton's Classic Grilled Fillets?  It's easy to make, seasoned and yes, even this just melts in your mouth!! YUM!!  With the first of the year also comes a time when people start thinking about make overs or goals that want to accomplish.   Gorton's is currently running a contest where you have a chance to win $1,000. make over plus lots of cool weekly prizes!

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