Day 1

*Disclosure:  Nurtisystem has provided me a 3 month trial of their program at no charge.  This in no way reflects my opinions or progress along the way. Your opinion may vary.  Please consult a Dr. before starting. 

WhooHooo!! Finally day one is here!  Since finding out I was chosen to be a Nutrisystem Ambassador, I have been anxiously awaiting this day!  Eighteen years ago, when I had my first son I gained 60 pounds throughout my pregnancy.  Since then, I have yet to get that 60 pounds off.   I've tried here and there, but never really stayed motivated and weren't really sure what or how I should be eating to get the proper amount of calories.   This is what I love about the program!  It does all of this for you!  Sure, you have to add some veggies and spices here and there - but it helps to get you eating your veggies!   This week I'll be starting off with their new Fast5 program.  

Fast5 comes free is available with new 28-Day Auto-Delivery program purchase only.  With Fast5 you will get:
  • A bonus week of specially selected breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
  • 7 Energizing shakes to rev your metabolism
  • 7 Craving Crusher shakes to fight off hunger
  • Unique 7 day meal plan for the ultimate weight loss
The main goal of their new program is to hopefully shed 5 pounds the first week, feeling confident, strong and motivated!!  I can't wait - bring it on!!   This morning for breakfast I'm having a double chocolate muffin.  I already devoured it lol!  It was so good, so thick, filling and even had chocolate chips in it! 

If you would like to join me visit Nutrisystem to sign up now!
  Or call 1-800-435-4074