SodaStream Genesis

**Disclosure:  Our family was provided the above Sodastream to help facilitate this feature.  No monetary compensation was received. 

Did you know that you can make your own soda?   You can!  At the fraction of the high price we all pay for soda.  We loved this!  While we don't let our kids have soda, my husband is an avid soda drinker, so as you can imagine we do spend a pretty penny on soda.   When we first got this, I will admit, my husband was hesitant, I mean after all, how good can it really be?  Setting it up was so easy, there were no parts to put together or anything to screw in.  It was simply the stand, which you screw the bottle onto to make your soda.   You simply add the syrup and the carbonation and there you go - homemade soda!  Now the big question is the taste, right.  I will admit that it does take a bit getting use to, BUT with the savings, variety and useability it's def worth it! 

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