Goals for 2014

Making It Happen!  That says it all!  Year after year I set goals and within months they are broken.  That's it! I'm tired of letting myself go, tired of making goals and not sticking to them and just tired of all the talk and no action!  This is going to be MY year!! Ever wonder why things don't go your way?  Why didn't this happen or that happen?  You know that your actions greatly affect they way your life goes?!  I truly believe that - if somethings doesn't happen or falls through - I will admit that I had a big part in that.  Like the saying goes - if there is something you truly want in your heart, then there is nothing that can get in your way.  Yes, there will be obstacles and trials that you will go through, but it's how you handle them that determines the outcome.  Will you push through or just accept the way life is going and change nothing?

My goals for 2014
  • Become closer to God.  Become at least halfway through studying the Bible & be more committed in my prayer life, always putting God first in my life.
  • Eat healthier (I will begin the NutriSystem 3 month program on the 16th)
  • Exercise more 
  • Be only positive
  • Become a stepping stone & not a stumbling stone for others
I know this may seem like a lot, but if there is a way you want to see your life go, then you have to want to make it happen! And I do! :)  Happy New Year & I pray that you all have a blessed, safe & successful 2014!