Cluttered by Home Entertainment

**Disclosure: This is a compensated post. All opinions are of my own as well as the content. 

As a family of six, over the years we have accumulated quite a bit of media content.  There's DVD's, Video Games, CD's and everything in between.  With the holiday season upon us and some past due spring cleaning, I decided that it was finally time to clean up a bit.  But what do you do with all of it? Which ones do you sell?  There are favorites that I have kept from my first born 17 years ago, to classics that are a must keep and the very few new movies that are worth the shelf life.  How many movies on your shelves have you actually watched more than a couple times? Not many right? So why not sell them for some extra cash or trade them in for something you haven't seen? How about Netflix? We got rid of our cable about a year ago and traded it in for Netflix streaming service.  Instead of high cable bills we have one low monthly bill for under ten dollars a month.   With our video library we have on hand at home, we have started selling them for some extra spending cash, which actually pays for our monthly subscription to Netflix.  So with the holidays upon us, make some extra room in your home for those gifts to come! Sell, give or trade away those extra videos, games & cd's you have laying around collecting dust!