Shutterfly Family Photo Days

 Putting together a family photo day can be a bit frustrating at times to say the least.   It' seems this is the time of year everyone want's a family photo, whether it be for their Christmas cards or just their "yearly" family picture.  Family Photo Day may not be just what your thinking.  Family Photo Days are about getting together with other families to play around with different photo ideas.  This is honestly the first time I have heard this, but I LOVE this idea!! They typical photo shoot in a photo studio is not the norm anymore and as a Mother, not something I really want to see.  I love having fun with my family!!! So why not incorporate that into your photo as a reflection of your family.   Below are some of my own ideas of capturing that family photo.
  • Get Outdoors! You can find the best backgrounds for your family photos with what nature has given us.  So many of us lead such stressful, busy lives that we don't have a chance to take in nature's beauty.  Take a minute, go outside and just stand there. Breath in the fresh air and look around for a moment, taking in what's around you.  Some great family pics would be at the beach, mountain side, even in the middle of the desert or at the local park.  Use rocks, sticks, your props.  Let the kids grab a couple sticks & snap some photos of them playing with the sticks or pile up a pile of creative with what's around!!!!
  • Be Yourself!! I remember back in the day, growing up when we would take our family photos, it just seemed so fake. You have a photographer that's on the clock & waiting to take your pic...on cue.  There will always be that one person not ready or those fake smiles.  Get a family member or friend to take the pics for you & just be yourself.  Get a pile of leaves together and have a friend take a pic of you & your kids jumping in that pile.  Those are the kind of memories I want to create and leave behind.  
 Shutterfly has the goal in mind to get you out there early enough and with more creativity then ever before. Shutterly is the go to for your holiday cards.  Why wait to the last minute?  The holiday season is the busiest time of year, especially for us Moms!   Visit for more creative photo ideas & to get started on your holiday cards!  Make this a "Happy" Holiday!! :)