Blogger Out Reach Day

1st Annual National Blogger Outreach Day

One day, December 17th - we'll be stepping out from behind our computers &  giving back to our local communities.

As a blogger, we often spend hours a day sitting in front of our computers digging deep into the social media world and helping to promote products and services fit for families.  The rest of the day were running errands, taking care of the kids, fixing dinner and doing the household chores.  

I recently had to go downtown to do some business.  While there I noticed the large amount of homeless people that had tents set up and were making there own communities on the streets.  My fiance had mentioned that one day he wanted to make a big pot of soup and go out and feed the homeless one day.  I also had the kids make bags of goodies that we went out and handed out too so that the kids can see how some of these people actually live and how to often we ALL take things for granted.  

It hit me! Why not make this a global out reach day for bloggers? That on one day, December 17th - blogs across the country will be stepping out from behind their computers & giving back to their own local communities.  We'll each hold our out reaches and blog / tweet about it, in hopes to open up conversation about volunteering or giving back to the homeless and those in need. We stopped the other day to get some banana's for this homeless lady we saw in really bad shape and found out she was blind.  It just broke my heart and I still tear up just thinking about it.  This poor blind woman, living alone on the street....just heart breaking!

I hope you will join me!! Please email me for more information!

Bloggers - If you would like to hold an outreach in your own community please shoot me an email.

Companies - If you would like to make a donation, please email me for more information.  Anything, big or small helps!  Our focus here is the homeless - which is usually adults only.  Things needed - socks, undies, books, food, sleeping bags, blankets, gloves / mittens, things for the disabled, etc....

Email me at (please put Blogger Outreach Day in the subject line)  Thank you!!  

Let us know you'll be participating here -