Update on Norma....

If you live in Southern California, then I'm sure you have been following Norma's disappearance and sadly today we all got the news that the recently found decomposed body was that of 17 year old Norma Lopez. She went missing as she walked home from summer school just last week in Moreno Valley. According to police there are no suspects as of yet.

As a mother of four children I cannot even begin to imagine what her family is going through. Seems like these past few months there have been more and more headlines in the news of children being kidnapped or hurt. This post is out of the ordinary as I do not usually post on news headlines, but her family has been in my prayers and thoughts since her disappearance. I hope you will all continue praying for her family as they struggle through this very difficult time.

Our children our precious.....take the time & preserve those special moments

Anyone with information was asked to call (877) 242-4345, (951) 955-2777 or e-mail FindNormasKiller@RiversideSheriff.org