Wordless Wednesday

Orange County Fair Food

Fried Klondike Bar

Krispy Cream Chicken Sandwich

The Zucchini Weenie

Frog Legs

Our son enjoying Frog Legs

All very good and top my list of favorite fair food!! What's your favorite "fair" food?


  1. I used to love frog legs as a kid. I ate them ALL of the time. The thought of eating them now skeeves me out.

  2. I think the wildest fair food I have ever had is cotton candy. We just do not have those choices here.

  3. Fried Klondike bar? How do that do that without the ice cream melting inside? lol

  4. I was thinking oooo yummy and than the frog legs hopped out and scared me.. LOL.

    Happy WW

  5. Oy! It seems like fair food gets stranger and stranger each year! I heard of a fair in Texas serving deep fried butter. Still, my fave has to be fried dough, or kettle corn.

  6. They do have fried butter!!!! It was good - not as bad as it sounds! It's actually a churro with a little butter inside - not bad at all!!

    But the fried dough - have not heard of that!! Sounds yummy as I'm a big dough lover :) LOL!

  7. Now those are some interesting foods . . . wow!! I love the mini-donuts they sell at fairs around my area.

  8. Just wanted to say, what a pleasure it was to meet Tara and her family at the OC Fair.
    Tara, AKA Hulahoopingmom, did an expert job of tasting tons of fair food and helped judge the Concessionaires Cup,a contest for "best foods" at the fair! Thanks again Tara!