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**Disclosure: Fresh & Easy provided us with a ten dollar gift card towards a Fresh & Easy purchase. No other compensation was received. All opinions are of my own and have not been influenced in any way. Your opinion may vary.

It's time to pull out the BBQ and what better time than this! With Fathers Day this weekend and Fourth of July right around the corner it's time to start cooking outdoors. We use our BBQ year round. It's the best way to cook food, just always seems to taste better and especially during summer time there's no way you want to be adding to the heat indoors with the oven on. It's also really helped to cut down on our gas bill too! With BBQ's comes get togethers, it's a great excuse to get the kids together playing outside and even we love inviting others over to watch the Lakers games - it's always more fun when there's a group of us.

Inviting others over can sometimes get expensive, especially if you do it often. Fresh & Easy is there to help you with that. For only $10 you can get all the meat pictured above!! No, that is not a typo - I said $10!!! We had the pleasure of visiting a Fresh & Easy store for the first time a few weeks ago. It's a small store, smaller than I thought, but......I love how everything is literally "Fresh & Easy"!! They have pre-packaged meals that are healthy and hassle free. While we were there they even had a sampling event going on - which I love!! Anyway, back to the meat. For $10 you get four hamburger patties, an entire tray of marinated chicken and four sausages. I jumped on this - I can't pass up a good deal. That weekend we ended up having my two brother in laws over for the day - I thought what a perfect opportunity to see how many people this can really feed.

We had a total of five children and four adults to serve and keep in mind that three of those adults were grown men :) I didn't serve much with it - some fresh fruit, chips and some salad. The chicken was so easy to cook because it was already marinated. This was a first cooking sausages on the grill - but they were the ones that actually ended up disappearing first. We were able to serve everyone and still had a piece of chicken left over for the dog to get her share! Yummy Yummy!!! The chicken was my favorite, the men loved the sausage and the kids loved the burgers.

You honestly can't beat it and I'm already looking forward to the next time downtown LA calls me so that I can pick up a few more packs - perfect for Fathers Day & Fourth of July!!!!

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