Let's Go Lakers!

After Sunday's loss, today I'm stepping away from our normal feature and getting pumped up for tomorrow nights game six against the Boston Celtics. I grew up in a house where my Dad spent his free time watching baseball and football....I have no idea how I became interested in the game of basketball. My dad of course supported my interest and I remember the first Lakers game he took me to - Kareem's retirement game! From then, I was hooked. When everyone else would be in bed, I would be in the living room cheering and yelling at the Lakers game on TV.
  • I remember getting up early in the morning when tickets would go on sale and be one of the first in line at Blockbuster.
  • I remember Magic Johnson plastered all over my bedroom walls - my all time favorite player - what a classy guy. Today's favorite is Derek Fisher - another one of the most classiest players in the NBA.
  • I remember coming home from school today and my Dad giving me the news of Magic Johnson's announcement that he was HIV Positive - ruined my week!
  • The Forum - man I miss that place! That is home - where I grew up watching the Lakers play, I was so sad when they moved.
  • And then there was Chick - a Lakers game was not a Lakers game without him, if we were watching an away game we would turn the sound down on the TV and turn on the radio just to hear Chick broadcast. We love you & miss you Chick!
  • I love the high after a competitive game and celebrating another Laker win
  • I love the hype around town during the playoffs
  • I love the Los Angeles Lakers!!!
One of my favorite radio stations is a huge supporter of the LA Lakers - Power 106 When I heard the Official 2010 Lakers Anthem by DJ Felli Fel it honestly gave me a high just listening to it! LOL! It really gets you pumped up, excited and ready for the next game.

Get that Laker Groove on & support your Los Angeles Lakers as they take on Boston tomorrow night at 6pm pacific time. GO LAKERS!!!!!!!