Vacation Update

So if you have been following us on Twitter or You Tube then you sort of have an idea of where we've been and where we're headed. I am writing this from the car, so will make this quick just wanted to up date you all. Will upload pics tonight and hopefully more video!

We are leaving Safari West, which all in all I was not too impressed with. I think it's a bit overpriced and not as "exciting" as it should or can be. I will go into that more later.

We are on our way now to the Ronald McDonald Mobile Care Clinic in Richmond to take a tour and meet the amazing staff. We'll have a feature on that as well coming up soon.

The drive here in Sonoma County is beautiful, green and lots of open air! The Lincoln is comfortable and roomy! We almost got stuck this morning at Safari West!! I tried turning on the child proof locks and ended up we got the latch stuck and could not close the door. Of course I did not have any cell phone service, but luckily the mechanic was able to fix it with no problem!

We we are about 23 min away so I'll end this here. Will have more time tonight to update more and in more detail. Also stay tuned for a fun giveaway we'll be doing with Fresh & Easy!!