vroom vroom....and away.....

Here we go, we have been very busy packing and getting ready to leave tomorrow. We have set up a You Tube page which you can follow here www.youtube.com/user/HulaHoopingMom

We will be posting videos along the way and interacting with you all as much as possible! If there is something you would like to see, have a question about a place we visited, or would just like to leave some feedback, please do!!! This video thing is new to me so I could use all the tips I could get! I have to admit I am a bit nervous also, as I am not one to jump in front of a camera! LOL!!

We'll also try to have a few giveaways along the way, which will probably be about our trip, something in the video or just a random follower that keeps up with us......

We love comments and want to involve you all as much as possible, so please feel free to comment away, ask questions, give us some love, tell us what we're doing wrong, or make a request! We want to hear it all - the good & the bad!

Well - now it's time for bed.....have a long day tomorrow, youngest son has a baseball game tomorrow morning - then we'll be making our way up to Sacramento for our first stop! Good night all and hope to "see" ya all in Sacramento!

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