Harlem Globetrotters

Are you in Southern California and looking for some fun, affordable family entertainment this weekend? The Harlem Globetrotters are a must see, even if you're not a fan of basketball. Personally I love basketball, I am a huge Laker fan! When you add some comedy to the mix, it just makes it even more the better. The Globetrotters are known for the amazing basketball skills and wholesome family entertainment. I have not been in years, but remember going to a game and loving it. They really make you laugh and interact with the audience to make you feel like a part of the show. There are not many events these days for the entire family - especially one that will have you laughing and talking the whole way home. Even with all the tricks, these are real basketball games where the Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington Generals both in it to win.

Fun Globetrotter Facts -
  • The Globetrotters have been around for 84 years
  • Have played in 120 countries
  • They play year round
  • The Globetrotters hold over 23,000 wins
“The Harlem Globetrotters are the unbeatable global entertainment experience that emotionally connects to and thrills every member of the family,” says Globetrotters CEO Kurt Schneider.

The Globetrotters travel the country and may be coming to a city near you. Visit the official website of the Globetrotters for more information at www.harlemglobetrotters.com