Good Morning!  I wanted to take a minute and give you all an update on my husband.  I know many of you have been praying and we really appreciate all the love and support.  Back in April, when he had his emergency colostomy we never expected to have all the complications that have come along with it and that the hospital would become our second home. 

He has been in the hospital since last Friday, the 12th.  He had gone in for major pain and an infection that has been lingering around.   The surgeon recommend that he has robotic surgery to reverse his colostomy instead of going the normal route.  Only because his body does not seem to be adjusting to the colostomy bag, the incision would be much smaller, the healing time would be cut in half and it is a much more invasive surgery.  He's not too worried about the infection, because he said when they do the reversal that section that is infected will be cut off anyway.  

Now we absolutely love the surgeon, he's been really great throughout this whole process and we trust him.  Since he strongly recommended the robotic surgery, we said we would consult with the surgeon doing the robotic surgery to get a better understanding of it.  She came into the hospital yesterday to have the consult with us.  I asked her what you success rate was and she told be "5 for 5".  That's it, five!!?!  The way it was talked about, I thought she was much more experienced.  Now I'm nervous.  I trust my husband and will support any decision he makes and also trust in the Lord that he will carry us through.  We did pray about it and gave it to God.  Michael will be having a colonoscopy done today to find out what all exactly is going on inside, to make sure the CDiff infection is completely gone and that he is ready for surgery. 

Please continue to keep him and our family in prayer!  Let's storm Heaven with favor!! To support our family during this difficult time, please visit www.gofundme.com/gracethroughout or you can also made a supportive donation through our PayPal at hernandez5621@netzero.com  Thank you & God Bless!!

Date Night Giveaway

Red Rock Fertility Center here in Las Vegas, understands all of the emotions that go along with trying to conceive. While a lot of time and focus can go into details such as doctor appointments, diet changes andtracking fertility cycles, it also is important to make time for each other. Sometimes when a couple is trying to conceive, intimacy can seem like work if treated too much like a part of the regimen. During these times, however, it is important for couples to still enjoy their love for one another and the adventure of trying to expand their family.

Red Rock Fertility Center would like to make a romantic night out a little easier for one lucky couple and are pleased to announce their Spark the Romance Social Media Giveaway. Simply like their Facebook page and share the post with friends to be entered to win a romantic evening complete with dinner for two and tickets for a luxury movie experience.
If participants have a special someone that has recently done something romantic to show their affection, they can share their story with using the hashtag #sparktheromance on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to tag Red Rock Fertility Center – @FertilityLV.


Does your child play sports?  Is Dad around or involved?  I understand there are many single parent homes and that many Dad's work during odd hours.  But I've always been a firm believer in getting your children involved in sports AND joining them either by cheering them on from the side lines or on the fields helping coach.  My youngest son is 11 and has played ball since he was five years old.  As a mother, that is my favorite way to spend my free time.  I try to never miss a practice or game, I will take my chair, post up on the sideline and watch these young children give it all they have and build their self-esteem.  It's great to watch, there is nothing like it!  My husband works construction, when he is working.   That means he's up early and works hard.  He still takes the time to get out there with the kids and work with them, guide them and teach them, not only the sport, but how to succeed and build their self esteem.  I wish every little boy had the opportunity to play the game of baseball!

Released on DVD today, from the producers of Along Yet Not Alone, comes a heartfelt movie about legendary small town baseball coach, Joe Finn (Burgess Jenkins), who after taking his shot as a scout for the big leagues returns home to discover the damage he's done by leaving his family behind.  Now on a quest to rebuild his relationship with his son David, Joe forms a new baseball league to reinvigorate the underdog league team his son had been coaching.  Together, as father and son, they try to put away their differences and help bring their ragtag team of ball players, "The Gappers", to victory.    

For more information or to see the trailer visit

Movie Monday

Learn how to let words troll right off your tongue in this latest piece from THE BOXTROLLS! Plus, take a look at a clip from the film as Winnie (Elle Fanning) tries to pull Eggs (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) out of his shell, or rather, box.


**Disclosure: Our family was provided with two pairs of FREETOES to help facilitate this feature.

Love Love Love this product!!!  I was born and raised in sunny California and just recently moved to Vegas.  So no matter what time of year it is, or how cold it is, you will always see me in flip flops! While, yes, it may get cold at times, flip flops are still and will always be my go to shoe.   FREETOES is perfect for those cold times.  I just can't tell you how much I really love these socks!  I can always make sure my feet are warm without having to throw on some clunky tennis shoes or boots!  Already famous for kids, tweens, teens and women in Canada, this fabulous toeless sock line is now making it’s way (finally!!) into the USA adding comfort and joy from head to toe. FREETOES are a warm-fuzzy solution to wear your flip flops year round and a perfect gift anytime of year!  Yes, really, you can gift these to me year round!! :)

Wonderful also for Mom’s at all stages of pregnancy to keep her swollen feet comforted, and a fabulous fit for all the little gals in the family with their ‘one size fits most’ toeless sock innovation.  Take FREETOES with you for a girls day out as your playful pedicure pal to keep your “piggies” free and your feet warm, but still show off your polish. A soothing solution as you relax and
walk about the spa and perfect for pirouettes while you dance and help stretch out your toes throughout a yoga class. Fabulous for comfort in travel - consumers can create their favorite way to sport their toeless socks.  Wear FREETOES and incorporate comfortable toeless socks in your
everyday walk in the park, make it part of your fun and functional fashion and style everywhere you go and your toes take you.

Adorable new designs will continue to surprise FREETOES fashion following online with their toeless socks. All FREETOES styles are Limited Editions with some returning based on popular demand.  Choose from the latest styles and colors currently available at freetoes.com

FREETOES toeless sock line was created by a dynamic young gal Katelyn Lohr out of Canada when she was 8 years old as she simply snipped off her toes on her socks and began to wear them with her flip flops creating her own style against her parents rules one Winter. She received interest early on as she stepped out in her toeless socks, seeing many were taking notice of her style - she quickly
began selling and in one week she made $100. She encouraged the support of her Oma (Grandma) to get more socks, cut them and sew the frayed ends - then selling 10,000 pairs soon after.  Katelyn developed awareness for FREETOES with her initial outreach at markets and fairs and eventually her story and product line was featured on the Canadian TV hit series Dragon’s Den for entrepreneurs. Now, 13 years old, with her Mom, Karina (Momma FREETOES) and a full team behind her booming business in Canada and being globally recognized - they are now bringing their bright idea to the USA.

Katelyn has also established her non-profit organization K8 which supports Project Aftershock and they have donated over 300 pairs of FREETOES to orphaned children from the Haiti Earthquake using their sock design to assist in wound dressings for feet, knees, elbows to help keep them secure and in place.



**Disclosure:  Our family was provided with product in order to help facilitate this feature.  This product may affect you differently, please follow directions on product. 

Most summers you would find my family spending most our free time at the lake, in the water.  This year, because of my husbands health issues, we did not get to the lake at all.  So I decided to enroll my kids in city run swim classes so that they would at least get some swim time in and keep up on their skills.   Now with city pool water comes tons of chlorine! I mean tons!! Below is what my son's eyes looked like after a swim class.  Pretty bad, huh!

Rohto Cool MAX is an exciting NEW solution for red, irritated  eyes.  Rohto is the
number-one global eye drop brand and was first launched in  Japan over 100 years ago. Since then the brand has been consistently advancing the eye drop category with innovative technology.  Introduced to the United States market over 12 years ago, Rohto created a distinct  sub-category of “cooling eye drops” which now comprises an important & growing part of the market.  Unlike ordinary eye drops, Rohto delivers a unique cooling sensation using Freshkick technology that works wonders to soothe and comfort irritated eyes for up to eight hours – a feature that is loved and embraced by loyal fans.  The line of Rohto Cooling Eye Drop products provide fast-acting cooling relief  for a number of symptoms including red, dry, or itchy eyes caused by environmental irritants. 
Rohto Cool MAX is the newest product from the brand, hitting shelves nationwide this month. Featuring maximum-strength redness relief,  Rohto Cool Max whitens red, irritated eyes, plus  soothes and protects eyes from further irritation. As I put the drops in his eyes, there was a slight sting, but not even a minute later he was saying he could fully open his eyes with no more irritation and pain.  You may get a different reaction, but it's definitely worth a try for some relief!

For more information and to find a location near you that carries the product, visit Rohto.

Free Adoptions!

**Don't forget this weekend at the Animal Foundation - FEE-WAIVED Adoptions!!! The animal shelter is at capacity, so if you are thinking of adding a new family member to your home, this is the weekend to do it!!