SoCozy Hair Products

**Disclosure: Our family was provided with product to help facilitate this feature.  All pictures and opinions are of my own.  

My daughter has beautiful hair!! She takes after her Mom with long, thick and shiny hair! I love my hair!! I did not use a lot of chemicals or dyes growing up, so my hair has stayed pretty healthy as I've aged.  Now since I did not do a lot with my hair, I'll admit that I'm not great at styling or coming up with ways to put my daughters hair up - I'm a clueless Mom when it comes to that!  With the start of school, she (and secretly I) wanted her hair to be beautifully done everyday.  But I needed two things.  One - a good detangler, because let me tell you, our hair tangles quit easy!  Number two is some kind of guide that would help me / show me what to do step by step.  That's where SoCozy comes in to the rescue!  We have tried different detanglers before, even name brand, high end stuff.  When my daughter tried the SoCozy Cinch Detangler + Leave In Conditioner, she loved it!  My daughter just turned 10 and I always have her brush her own hair so that she learns to become independent and do it on her own.   She told me that this was the best one she has tried yet!  She was really happy with it now looks forward to brushing her own hair instead of it being an issue.

Now it was time to style!  Along with the products, we were sent Cozy's Complete Guide to Girls Hair - which is full of great tips for girls from the best cuts for face shapes, to instant fixes for bad hair days and five minute styles.  Just what I needed!  We looked through the book together and chose a french braid - something I always wanted to try but was always so intimidating.   Below was my first attempt at a french braid, guided by the book.

Not bad, huh!! I was pretty proud of myself for it being my first time! Another thing I love about their products is they feature extracts from natural ingredients like hops, rosemary, arnica flower, and aloe which are good for both hair and scalp.  The products are specially formulated to bring salon-level quality to kids hair care, and contain no nasties like harmful chemicals, toxins or parabens.   Totally Mom Approved!!!

The following products below is what we got to sample and just fell in love with!  My daughter was so happy with them and they seemed to work really well.
  • 2 in 1 Shampoo + Body Wash in Guav-o-rama ($11.95 for 8oz)
  • Cinch  Super Hydrating Conditioner in Berry-Whip ($11.95 for 8oz)
  • Cinch Detangler + Leave-In Conditioner in Fruity-tutti ($11.95 for 8oz)
  • Behave Styling Mouse Medium Hold in Peachy-keen ($11.95 for 6oz)
  • Cozy's Complete Guide to Girls Hair ($15.95)
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Become a Boxtroll for Halloween

This weekend marked the arrival of the long-awaited family event movie, The Boxtrolls!  With Halloween fast approaching, I thought this would be fun to share as this will be a huge hit this year and it will be fun seeing all the different Boxtrolls out there! 

Good Morning!!! I'm really excited to start this weekend! First and foremost because we are suppose to drop into the low 80's / high 70's!!  Finally!! Yeah, we are going to go back up to the 90's by end of week, but for now, I'm so ready to enjoy this cooler weather!  It's also the last weekend before my husband's surgery.   He's due to have his colostomy reversal next Friday, so we are super excited about that!! 

As I sit here early this beautiful morning, I wanted to remind you that Kimberly Wright's book signing is today.  You can find all the information in the post below.  I really hope you will join me.  Sounds like a great book and it gives you an excuse to visit The Family Christian Store! :)  Love that store and if you have never been, you are in for a treat!   After that I think we might just take a drive to the lake since we'll be out that way anyway.  Usually you would find us there all summer, but due to my husband's surgery we have not been in months.  With the cooler temps and no wind, it should just be beautiful out - hopefully that doesn't bring the crowds as well!  We enjoy fishing at the lake so hopefully we can catch some nice size bass!  I like to cut them into nuggets and fry them making bass nuggets - so yummy!! 

Okay, we'll I'm off to make some waffles for the family before we head out and enjoy our weekend!  I hope it's just as nice out where you are as it is here.  Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to stop by the book signing below!! xoxoxo

Book Signing!

 **Disclosure: I was provided with a gift card in exchange for this announcement.  

One of my favorite stores to shop in is The Family Christian Store!  I can never leave without spending less then $40.  There's just such good variety and really something for everyone and without breaking the bank!  This weekend, I'm headed their again.  This time, not so much for the shopping, but to attend the book signing of Believing Out Loud by Kimberly Wright.

Believing Out Loud is about how learning to identify yourself in Christ doesn’t happen overnight – it is a journey of steps forward and sometimes backward. Obeying God’s calling on your life will lead you on a miraculous adventure. You will burst with stories to share with others. God wants to give you those kinds of stories. He wants to blow your mind and let you experience his miracles. Let God take you on an adventure and live a great story.

I hope you will join me tomorrow, Saturday at The Family Christian Store in Henderson.  Come pick up the book and meet Kimberly Wright!   At our church we have a program called Secret Sister - where the women in the church all pick a name and for 2-3 months we pray for the person we choose and gift them every couple weeks to let them know we are thinking about them and praying for them.  This would be a great secret sister gift!!  See you Saturday!

Author: Kimberly Wright
Book:    Believing Out Loud
Date:     9/27 Saturday
Time:     Noon-2pm
Store:    657 N. Stephanie St., Henderson, NV 89014
Phone: 702-434-4020

Visit her website for more information & to learn more about Kimberly Wright

Introduction to Whole Foods

Last night I had the opportunity to tour Whole Foods here in Vegas.  Our tour guide, Devan was great! The tour was very informational and fun! Tasty too with many samples along the way.  I had only shopped Whole Foods a couple times and going into a new store can be very intimidating when it's not your typical supermarket.  Whole Foods is very community oriented, which I love.  There's nothing better than a company that gives back to their community!  I wanted to share with you some fun and interesting things I learned about Whole Foods last night. 

1) On the sidewalk in front of the store, look for the days specials.  There will be one day only specials (even if the day is wrong & it's out there, they will honor it!)

2)  Right when you walk into the store, you will see an information booth like the one pictured above.  Devan is pointing to the sale sheet that you can grab and take with you as you walk around the store. You will also find recipes here. 

3)  When you buy in a case load, you will automatically get 10% off

4)  Check with your local Whole Foods to see if they have a kids club.  Our local store has a kids club every 2nd Saturday of the month.  It's free and includes crafts, cooking demos & much more!

5) Check out for step-by-step cooking videos.

6) Samples!  Who doesn't like to shop n sample at the same time!  This is the only market I have been to where they always have samples, not just on the weekends!  This watermelon was so so sweet n juicy!! Yum!!

7) Besides have a juice bar and a salad bar, did you know they also serve fresh pizza?!  Thursday night is their pizza night special with a $10 pizza with three toppings.  Pretty good too! My husband is not a pizza lover, but really enjoyed this one, I think he went back for three or four samples! lol!

We really enjoyed our tour as well as Devan.  She was great and answered all of our questions and in a timely manner!  I really encourage you to visit your local Whole Foods.  The staff is friendly and there to help you not only save, but also help you better your health with healthier options.  I for one know how confusing and intimidating it can be and not knowing where to start.  They really are there to help you make the right choices, not only financially but for your health as well!

Visit to find a store near you!  Also visit us on Twitter to see more pictures from our tour as well as the hashtag #MMStoreTours 

Touring Whole Foods Today

Tonight at 6pm Pacific Time I and some friends will be taking a tour of Whole Foods.  We will get to learn more about the store and how to shop healthy on a budget! Yes, you heard me, shop healthy on a budget!!  I'll be tweeting live throughout the event through both Twitter and Instagram! (Hashtag #MMStoreTours) Tomorrow I will bring you all my finds and tips to help you shop healthy without it costing your whole paycheck!! If you have a question you would like me to ask during the tour tonight, please feel free to tweet me and I will do my best to get that question answered for you tonight. 

I'll be tweeting at @HulaHoopingMom

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Good Morning!  I wanted to take a minute and give you all an update on my husband.  I know many of you have been praying and we really appreciate all the love and support.  Back in April, when he had his emergency colostomy we never expected to have all the complications that have come along with it and that the hospital would become our second home. 

He has been in the hospital since last Friday, the 12th.  He had gone in for major pain and an infection that has been lingering around.   The surgeon recommend that he has robotic surgery to reverse his colostomy instead of going the normal route.  Only because his body does not seem to be adjusting to the colostomy bag, the incision would be much smaller, the healing time would be cut in half and it is a much more invasive surgery.  He's not too worried about the infection, because he said when they do the reversal that section that is infected will be cut off anyway.  

Now we absolutely love the surgeon, he's been really great throughout this whole process and we trust him.  Since he strongly recommended the robotic surgery, we said we would consult with the surgeon doing the robotic surgery to get a better understanding of it.  She came into the hospital yesterday to have the consult with us.  I asked her what you success rate was and she told be "5 for 5".  That's it, five!!?!  The way it was talked about, I thought she was much more experienced.  Now I'm nervous.  I trust my husband and will support any decision he makes and also trust in the Lord that he will carry us through.  We did pray about it and gave it to God.  Michael will be having a colonoscopy done today to find out what all exactly is going on inside, to make sure the CDiff infection is completely gone and that he is ready for surgery. 

Please continue to keep him and our family in prayer!  Let's storm Heaven with favor!! To support our family during this difficult time, please visit or you can also made a supportive donation through our PayPal at  Thank you & God Bless!!