Valentine's Day Recipe: Chocolate Mocha Bundt Cake

Searching for the perfect Valentine's Day dessert recipe that will wow your family, or that special someone? Terra's Kitchen's Mocha Bundt Cake is packed with love and flavor, not to mention also low in sugar! A Valentine's Day (or any day) chocolate indulgence with half the guilt and twice the jolt. This decadent, delicious mix of chocolaty goodness, with a hint of coffee flavor, is the perfect ending to an amazing Valentine's Day dinner!

  • 2 cups cake flour, plus more for dusting
  • 2/3 cup high quality cocoa powder, plus more for dusting
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda-
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, plus more for greasing the pan, room temperature
  • 1 1/4 cups brown sugar
  • 4 large eggs, room temperature
  • 1 1/4 cups sour cream
  • 5 tablespoons cold brewed coffee (we use Baltimore-based Zeke's Coffee)
  • Butter Coffee Pour Over (recipe to follow)
  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F.
  2. Generously grease a Bundt pan with butter (we used a heart-shaped Bundt for Valentine's Day). Set aside.
  3. In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together the flour, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt. Set aside.
  4. In a standing mixer, fitted with the paddle attachment, add the butter and sugar. Beat on medium speed until the mixture is smooth and light in texture (about 5 minutes). Add the eggs, one at a time, beating well and scraping down the bowl after each addition. Add the sour cream and coffee and mix until combined.
  5. Gradually add the dry JUST until incorporated.
  6. Pour the batter into the prepared Bundt and bake until the center of cake springs back when touched and a skewer inserted near the center comes out clean (about 45-50 minutes).
  7. Remove the cake from the oven and pour Butter Coffee Pour Over mixture over the hot cake. Let cool completely in the pan on a wire rack. Release the sides and bottom of the cake from the pan with a narrow metal spatula or knife. Invert the pan onto a plate or cake stand. Remove the pan and dust with cocoa powder or powdered sugar before serving.
Butter Coffee Pour Over
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup brewed dark roast coffee (we use Zeke's Coffee)
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  1. Add ingredients to a small sauce pan over low heat, stirring until all the sugar has dissolved. Set aside and allow to cool slightly.

Tomorrow - Safer Internet Day!

Tomorrow is Safer Internet Day!  I have two pre-teens so can def relate when it comes to internet saftey.  In fact when they first started going online and on their Ipods, I was always nervous about what they would see and where they would end up without me knowing.  As a parent new to this, I was a bit confused on how to monitor them.  Especially with them having Apple products, as I'm an Android and windows user, so really have no knowledge when it comes to Apple. So where can we turn as parents?  TeenSafe, it's one of the most popular parenting smartphone monitoring service and as Safer Internet Day aims to provide education and awareness to Internet users of all ages, it is the perfect time for parents to have an in-depth discussion with their kids about Internet usage.  Below, I've included a list of 5 Tips on Internet Safety, penned by TeenSafe CEO Rawdon Messenger.

5 Tips on Internet SafetyTeenSafe CEO Rawdon Messenger

  • Be open and clear with your child about the importance of Internet safety. 
    Communicate and discuss with your child the issues and the precautions they should take when using the Internet. Wherever possible, ask them what they think and know about the Internet - you will be surprised how much they already know. Wherever appropriate, set rules that you expect your child not to breach. Make sure to explain to them and confirm how you will be enforcing these rules (device monitoring and management).  Also consider having a “Digital Citizenship” discussion about what can be considered good and bad online behavior. 

  • Conduct an audit of your child’s smartphone. 
    It is important to know which apps are installed on your child’s phone and how he or she is using them. It is import to also check the privacy settings for each app as well as the device. If possible, do this together with your child. It is also important to understand which apps may expose your child to danger and why. TeenSafe has a great 
    guide to some of the more troublesome apps.

  • Set Privacy 
    Set privacy policy accordingly - younger children’s social media and messaging accounts should have the highest privacy settings that only allow approved family members and reference access to personal content and communications. Check regularly to confirm that accounts are not changed.

  • Set Policy
    Every child is different and matures over time. Set a policy for where your child is developmentally and remember to update it over time as they become more responsible. Do not overly restrict your child as shutting off all social media access without thoughtful rules, may cause more harm than good.

  • Avoid “Knee Jerk” Reactions
    If you do discover in-appropriate or dangerous behavior, avoid knee jerk reactions. It helps to try to understand the causes and the issues that underlie the behavior and discuss them with your child. The best parenting practices are about discovering potential issues before they become problems and fixing them in an open and thoughtful way.

Take Time to Be a Dad Today

It's Superbowl weekend and while the focus is on football, we tend to let Dads have their time with the big screen enjoying the game and fellowship. Dad works hard, supports the family and is the backbone of many families. Being the backbone, doesn't mean he's always in the background. The more involved a dad is, the more successful his children are. A father's influence can determine a child's social life, academic achievement, and future achievements.
A whopping eighty-six percent of dads spend more time with their children today than their own fathers did with them, but a majority of dads (7 out of 10) also reported that they could use tips on how to be a better parent, according to a national survey conducted by the Ad Council. Children with involved, loving fathers are significantly more likely to do well in school, have healthy self-esteem, exhibit empathy and pro-social behavior, and avoid high-risk behaviors such as drug use, truancy, and criminal activity compared to children who have uninvolved fathers. I can relate to this with my own children. My ex-husband was very abusive towards me and when it came to the kids he was never there. They shut down and became distant. When the kids and I left I remarried and my current husband adopted both kids. He coaches my son's baseball team and spends time with our daughter teaching her softball and defense. Both kids have made a dramatic turn around. They are happy, social and active.
DreamWorks Animation donated their time, talent and resources for this campaign, which features footage and characters from the Kung Fu Panda 3 film. In the upcoming film, Po, the franchise protagonist, reunites with his long-lost birth father. The story highlights the special relationship between father and son and shows the unique challenges that Po is able to overcome with the love and support of his father.
Visit and to learn more about the fatherhood movement.

Kontos logo 4

Get Ready for the Big Game with Mini Flatbread Appetizers 
When gathering with family and friends for the Big Game on Feb. 7, try these easy-to-make, delicious appetizers using Kontos Cocktail Flatbreads – warm, fluffy mini pita breads 
Cocktail Flatbread SamplerEveryone knows that Big Game parties are all about the appetizers and finger foods. This year, try offering something new and delicious on your football party buffet: A colorful variety of hors d’oeuvres served on a warm, fluffy, mini pita bread called Kontos Cocktail Flatbreads.
Cocktail Flatbreads are two-inch mini pita disks from Kontos Foods that can be used as the basis for creative party foods. Use Cocktail Flatbreads to assemble yummy appetizers with sliced meats, seafood salad, chicken salad, or sliced fish. You can also use them for juicy hamburger sliders, pizza samplers, or serve with dips.
“The mini-flatbreads come with cafĂ©-style grill marks, which make them an attractive and delicious base for simple, colorful hors d’oeuvres. Before assembling your treats, warm the bread for 1-2 minutes at 375⁰ F degrees to enhance their flavor and fluffiness,” said Demetrios Haralambatos, executive chef at Kontos Foods.
Here are some great appetizer ideas from Chef Haralambatos:
Grilled Beef or Pork Tenderloin -  Place sliced strips of grilled beef, roasted pork tenderloin or pulled pork on the Cocktail Flatbread. Drizzle with gravy, steak sauce, BBQ sauce or horseradish mayonnaise. When using beef, try topping with your favorite slivered cheese. Garnish with dill or scallions.
Chicken or Tuna Salad  Prepare chicken salad with tiny diced chicken, apples and walnuts. Or, prepare tuna salad with chopped celery or sweet corn. Dollop a teaspoonful of your salads on the Cocktail Flatbread. Garnish with sliced cherry tomato and fresh basil.
Smoked Salmon  Layer small pieces or chunks of your favorite smoked salmon on Kontos Cocktail Flatbread. Top the salmon with sliced avocado, horseradish mayonnaise, slivered cucumber and/or picked ginger. Garnish with capers or a small dollop of Greek yogurt,  if desired.
Hamburger Slider  Grill a small hamburger, or cheeseburger, and place between two Cocktail Flatbreads. Garnish with your favorite condiments, lettuce and sliced plum tomato.
Pizza Samplers  Spread a teaspoonful of pizza sauce on each Cocktail Flatbread. Sprinkle shredded mozzarella or mixed shredded cheese; add pepperoni, sausage pieces, mushrooms if desired. Bake in oven or toaster oven for 5-7 minutes at 375⁰ degrees.
“To keep your Big Game Day party preparations simple, purchase your toppings – such as chicken or tuna salad, sliced salmon, and dressings – at the supermarket and simply assemble when ready,” said Steve Kontos, vice president and owner of Kontos Foods. “And, if you can’t find mini Cocktail Flatbreads in your store, you can cut out your own from regular-sized flatbread, using a round cookie cutter or juice glass.”
The Kontos Cocktail Flatbreads, which contain no trans-fat and are 100% vegetarian, come in 20-piece retail packs. Kontos sells its products to retailers and foodservice establishments across North America and around the world. Find Kontos Foods on Twitter @KontosFoods, on Facebook at and on Pinterest at
About Kontos Foods
Founded in 1987, Kontos Foods, Inc. is a Paterson, New Jersey-based provider of traditional Mediterranean foods for restaurants, hotels, food service, retail specialty stores and supermarkets worldwide. The family-owned company specializes in hand-stretched flatbreads, including the Kontos Pocket-Less Pita®, Fillo dough, pastries, olives, gyro meats, and Greek yogurts, as well as nearly 50 varieties of multi-ethnic flatbreads. Kontos, which has over 225 employees and was founded by Evripides (Evris) Kontos with his son Steven, together bring over 100 years’ experience in the premium food industry. The company’s bread and Fillo products are made in the USA. or call (973) 278-2800.

Fishing Camp the Game

Our family was given the opportunity to check this game out and we were pretty excited! Not only because we love playing games and having fun together as a family, but because we are avid fishers as well!  Any chance we get, we love to take the kids out and go fishing!  Before I met my husband I had never fished.  He took us out and the kids and I instantly fell in love!  It's just so relaxing, peaceful and puts a yummy, healthy dinner on the table!  

Passing a love of fishing on to your kids can be difficult to do when casting all day and waiting for a bite seems like of the most boring activities in the world for their high energy.  A new game is making it easier by adding an element of competition.  The Fishing Camp game is a trivia board game that teaches new fisherman about, and challenges seasoned veterans knowledge of the sport as they race around the game board.  Fishing Camp is designed to grow with the player. Starting at level one the questions are primarily identification of fish and fishing tackle.  As the players increase in their knowledge about fishing, they grow into the higher level questions.  
The Fishing Game comes with 100 fun facts, 8 game characters and 16 levels of play! This game is one of our fav's and at the top in our game closet! Highly recommend! You can pick up the game through Amazon and currently retails for $24.99 

Movie Monday

NORM OF THE NORTH currently in theaters!!

A polar bear of many words, Norm's greatest gripe is simple: there is no room for tourists in the Arctic.  But when a maniacal developer threatens to build luxury condos in his own backyard, Norm does what all normal polar bears would do...he heads to New York City to stop it.  With a cast of ragtag lemmings at his side, Norm takes on the big apple, big business and a big identity crisis to save the day.


Cast: Rob Schneider, Heather Graham, Ken Jeong, Gabriel Iglesias, Loretta Devine, Michael McElhatton, Colm Meaney and Bill Nighy
Directed by: Trevor Wall         
Screenplay by: Jack Donaldson, Derek Elliott                
Produced by: Nicolas Atlan, Ken Katsumoto, Mike Young, Liz Young, Steve Rosen 

"Norm of the North - Interview with Norm"

Stock the Kitchen and Save
Whole Foods Market offers deals on pantry staples Jan 15-17

One of the easiest ways to make healthier choices is to stock the pantry with key ingredients for making healthy meals. From Jan. 15 – 17, 365 Everyday Value products are 10 percent off.  Shop hundreds of value priced items from frozen meals, fresh produce to spices, baking essentials and even body care.

Dates of sale: Friday, Jan. 15 – Sunday, Jan. 17, 2016
What’s on sale: ALL 365 Everyday Value items 10% Off

Why shop Whole Foods Market’s 365 Everyday Value items? These items meet the company’s strict quality standards – which means no artificial colorings, flavors or preservatives – and are available at a value price point.

Tips and ideas for healthy eating on a budget:  
  • Keep basic staples on hand like coconut and olive oil, whole grains, dried beans and low sodium vegetable broth. Here’s a list of items to fill the pantry with. 
  • Swap conventional family-favorites like sandwich cookies, mac & cheese, cereals, yogurt and peanut butter with healthier versions. 365 Everyday Value versions of family-favorites are free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives and dairy products come from rBST free cows.
  • Once or twice a week, shop for more perishable items like lean protein and seasonal produce for a complete meal. A tip: Whole Foods Market offers promotional pricing on family packs and value packs in meat, seafood and produce.
  • Look at labels. Whole Foods Market offers 365 Everyday Value organic offerings to provide shoppers with high quality organic products at everyday value prices. Look for the USDA certified seal and save. 
  • Look to the freezer for savings when produce is out of season— frozen fruits and veggies found at Whole Foods Market are picked at the peak of freshness and frozen. 
  • Shopping seasonally in the produce department is a great saving strategy. When many fruits and vegetables reach their peak harvest time, the costs often drop due to increased availability. This week, from Jan. 13–19, Organic Lady Alice apples are on sale for $1.99 per pound.