REAL BODIES at Bally's


With summertime coming to an end and kids are about to head back to school, these next couple weeks can certainly drag out.  If you are looking for something fun and interesting to do with the kids (or even a date night idea) look no further! Our family was invited for a hosted day out to explore the exhibit.  Now I have teens that we homeschooled through high school and just this last year we completed anatomy.  So this is a great opportunity to dig a bit deeper in what we learned and see first hand the human body.  Real Bodies at Bally's is located in Bally's Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. It's located on Bally's Lower Level right near the Flamingo Road entrance.  My best advice if you are local is to park at the Paris Hotel and Casino as you get the first three hours free with a local ID.   This place will blow you away as you take a close up look inside of the human body.  It's crazy to see what all inside of us!

What is even more astonishing is that these are real human specimens.  Isn't that just crazy! Still blows my mind.  It really makes you want to stop, study and really learn about your body.  My kids were fascinated.  It even explores the element of just breathing.  My kids both played baseball / softball so really loved this exhibit here.  They both had joint tears and bone fractures, so it was pretty cool to see the joint that my son tore in his elbow or the fracture my daughter had in her foot and exactly where they were and what the inside looked like.  Lot's of interesting stuff and again, it's a great learning experience for all ages!  It look us about 45 minutes to walk through.  But can take longer or shorter depending on how in depth you want to study each exhibit. 

The ticket prices are currently at a discount, so if you are looking to fill in your next couple weeks of summer fun, I would highly encourage to schedule this in!  Current website prices are $29.50 for Adults and $19.50 for children 3-12 years old.  Check out the link below for more information, group discounts and to purchase tickets!