Grassy Mountain Beef

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Times are changing. Prices are going up. There's more and more chemicals put in our foods. More and more people are looking for all natural, chemical free and fresh food! One of my favorite things about living in Vegas is being a short drive away from beautiful, green Utah!  We try and head up there any chance we get.  Sometimes the desert gets to you and you need to just take your shoes off and run around in the grass.  In Utah we can do just that! With that, something else you'll find in Utah is family farms. Good ol' fashion generational family farms. Grassy Mountain Beef is a six generation, family owned ranch based in St. George, Utah. 
Their cows roam free over hundreds of miles on the Arizona boarder. They offer nutritious grass-fed beef and lamb.  Yes, the prices are a bit higher, but remember, you are paying for fresh, grass-fed product.  Grassy Mountain Beef provided us with a small sample of their beef.  We are a meat eating family and also have been working hard to watch what we put into our bodies and trying to go more for clean products.  There is a slight taste difference.  But....that is the taste of freshness.

These are some fresh T-bone steaks.  Steak is our favorite. Although my husband and I don't agree on the cut, we always have to pick our own. I like a more lean steak and he goes for the more fatty ones.  We marinated these overnight in some olive oil and spices.  Husband cooked them on the grill (which is the best way, everything is always better on the grill!). They were so good! I highly suggest giving them a try.  What better time to support our American Farmers!

(as their website states, their specialty is not websites, it's beef, give them a call)
Contact: Dustin