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This is the show guys! If you live in Vegas or just visiting - this is a must see!! iLuminate - featured on America's Got Talent in 2011.  I wasn't expecting this, I'll admit.  I did not have high hopes for this show.  There is another popular show here in Vegas slightly similar to this which I was not to fond of, so this blew my mind.  Maybe it was the hip music from my era that got me into it, or the club like scene, the interaction, the intimacy or maybe just the vibe of the night.  But I had fun, my kids had fun and the entire crowd had fun!  Really, this one I can see over again it was that good!  Don't miss out on this show guys, I'm telling you, if you are looking for a family show or are a couple looking to laugh, listen to some oldies and really just have a good time, this is it! The show wasn't too long or overly priced like many others.  The entertainers had fun and made sure you also were having a good time.  There is a lot of bright lights and loud music but that also made the scene and the groove even better! 

Check out our TikTok video here to get a sneak peek!

iLuminate is a company based on the fusion of technology and dance. Audiences will see dancers in electrified glow-in-the-dark suits performing dynamic routines and illusions on a darkened stage. iLuminate is the brainchild of Miral Kotb, a woman whose true passions in life are dance and software engineering, which is why you'll see her both manning the keyboard and dancing on stage in the archive of video performances.  In 2009, Miral combines her two passions to create their patented iLuminate technology, the tool that enables performers, choreographers, engineers, technicians, stylists and artistic directors to produce explosive performances with customized wireless lighting programs.