Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns by Disney came out yesterday.  I grew up watching the original so I was really looking forward to this movie and let me tell you - it did not disappoint!  I took my teenagers to see it as well.  I do have mixed thoughts regarding the generation today enjoying the movie.  My kids enjoyed it, but they just thought it was just "okay" and a little long with too much music.  I honestly see that as being an issue with kids today.  It is a little long for someone who is not familiar with the original Mary Poppins and who doesn't have a connection with the movie.  Now on the other hand, for someone like myself who grew up watching Mary Poppins and singing the songs - no doubt you will absolutely love this movie!  Disney did a fabulous job on Mary Poppins Returns!  Although it was a little long, they hit every point and connected it spot on to the original.   I found myself laughing, crying and smiling throughout the movie as the warmth and memories it brought was comforting.  The cast as well fit so perfect, I really can't say enough about this movie.  If you are over thirty and grew up watching the original Mary Poppins, this will warm your heart! GREAT job Disney!!!