Xterious Escape

**Disclosure:  Free play was provided in exchange for a feature.  No monetary compensation was received.  Highly recommend - a ton of fun! 

Living in the city of Las Vegas with two teens can sometimes find us searching for things to do and at a loss.  Sometimes I feel like teens are somewhat stuck in the middle.  There are a ton of toddler excitement in Vegas a a ton of Adult fun....but what about the in between?   I have the perfect thing - Xterious Escape!   The ultimate live escape room experience with seven different themed rooms to choose from.  We had never been and was not sure what to expect.  There was a bit of a wait as we sat in the front waiting area and watched TV while the room was being prepped, but it went by quick and the decor as well as the leader board kept us busy.  Our name was called and they took us around the corner to inform us of some rules before going in.  Once in, they locked the door behind us and we were on our own to try to solve the mystery.  I am not going to go into to much detail, I don't want to give anything away, you'll have to go check it out on your own.  But.....I was blown away as my family was as well.  SO much fun!!  Our kids absolutely loved it and what a great bonding experience.  Totally cannot wait to go again and we highly recommend to families!

What exactly is an escape room?  An escape room is a fun, live and interactive puzzle game.  You are locked in a room designed with specific clues that will lead you to the objectives to win the game!  You will be given the story for each room you play and you and the other people in the room will try to conquer that game.  Each game has a time limit of 60 minutes.  Try to see how fast you can get out to get your picture on the leaderboard.  They are also the only escape room in Las Vegas that can accommodate large groups and offer two identical rooms, head-to-head competition between teams!  For more information and too book your next escape, visit the links below!  Have fun!