Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill

Las Vegas!  We finally have our first Sharky's! I say first because there are more in the works!  It's crazy, I'm from Southern California and I have never heard of this place.  Guess I didn't get out too much.  This place is amazing! Everything was so tender and juicy, just falling apart as soon as I would take a bite.  Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill is Mexican food that is organic, healthy and so fresh you can taste it.  I had originally gone in to try their three new tacos they are offering for a limited time, but they were out of the shrimp, so I just got two of them.  Pictured above are my tacos; (from left to right) Steak and Arugula, Slow-roasted Pork Taco and since they were out of shrimp, I went with the Chicken and I am so glad I did!  The chicken was my favorite, hands down!  As I stood in line I could see the chicken being grilled in the kitchen, so appealing! Their chicken has no added preservatives, hormones or phosphates.  While their beef is antibiotic free with no added hormones.  Their corn tortillas are also non-GMO.  I just love everything about these guys!  Jicama-Chipotle Slaw covered the top of the pork taco and was just mouth watering! The food was amazing! It was so hard to choose what to get!  I'm a big salmon lover so next time thinking I'm going to go for the Salmon.  But then I love enchiladas too, and they have stacked enchiladas too! Decisions! LOL! Guess I will just have to keep going back.

Our son ended up choosing the carne asada nachos.  Pictured is the half portion and he ended up only being able to eat half of that, it was huge! My daughter went with the chicken quesadilla and loved it, she stated it was the best one she's ever had! It was over loaded with chicken!  My husband went with the burrito and he didn't go wrong. Everything we tried was so fresh and so good. I cannot wait to go back! Make sure to try their lemonades, pictured is the Watermelon Basil Lemonade - wow! We only got one and between us four, it was gone before we even had our food! Highly recommend this place, be warned, it is very addictive!