Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Tickets were provided to help facilitate the feature.  

We are a huge baseball loving family!  I have always believed that baseball was and is still today, America's favorite family pastime.  While we do have our favorite team, it's the game itself that we have mad love for!  It's one of the best ways to spend with your family, away from all the electronics and distractions.  And there's no age limits!  Baseball appeals to the young and old and even the non-baseball fans enjoy themselves!  Living in Vegas, we do not currently have a major league baseball team.  While we hope that in the future that will change, the Arizona Diamonds is one of the closest major league team for us.  From Vegas, it was about a four and a half hour drive, about the same as it would be driving out to Southern California.  Coming from Las Vegas, or traveling in from a distant? Here's some tips and reasons you should make a family trip out to Chase Stadium to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks (who are off to a pretty good start this season!).  

Reasons (and tips) to Visit the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field with the Family: 

Quality Time -
There are so many distractions in everyday life, let alone the technology that seems to pull everyone away into opposite directions that a day out as a family may just be what everyone needs to "refresh" and connect with each other, all while creating memories that will last a lifetime! The time spent with your kids will be what your kids remember you by, so have fun and enjoy every moment with them!

D-backs Kids Club -  A fun and free program for kids 15 and younger that rewards the kids with prizes and special privileges for attending games. When you sign up, the kids will receive an ID card on a lanyard.  Each time they come to a game thereafter, they can scan their card, get credit for attending and get the prize for that day.  Prizes start at game two and begin with a Diamondbacks t-shirt and thereafter include passes to run the bases, stadium concessions, passes to SeaLife and LegoLand Discovery Center and much more! The D-backs Kids Club is located in the Phoenix Children's Hospital Sandlot, near section 332.

Promotional Days - When buying tickets, look for special promotions and giveaways days! A couple that caught my eye that is upcoming is April 23rd the first 5,000 kids will receive a Arizona Diamondbacks water bottle and Sunday, May 14th (Mother's Day) the first 10,000 Moms will receive a cute clutch with the D-backs logo.

Sandlot (Children's Play Center) - Bring the little ones early and let them enjoy The Phoenix Children's Hospital Sandlot, a family-focused area that helps to promote a healthy and active lifestyle with a variety of fun and exciting activities for fans of all ages.  It's located on the Upper Concourse in left field, past section 332 (near the Kids Club).  There is a special toddler playground, kids playground as well as a batting cage for those taller than 48 inches and if your kids are into music, stroll over and say hi to Bobby Freeman.  He is the musical mascot that entertains fans from his new location overlooking Chase Field. 

Value Items - On a budget? D-backs want to make sure everyone can afford to visit. They have both value tickets and value menu items throughout the park. The D-backs Value Ticket offer is priced at $25 or $30 for the Bleacher seats. This pack includes not only your ticket, but also your choice of a hot dog or Subway Sandwich along with a regular Pepsi. Tickets are also available in the Infield Reserve section.  All you can eat seats start at $37.  These seats are near the Sandlot and are extra wide seats with added leg room! If you choose to purchase tickets on your own and get hungry during the game, make sure to look for the D-backs Value Menu Logo throughout the park. ($2 hot dogs, $2 popcorn, $6 baseballs, $2 Pepsi, etc.) 

Parking - $10 cash only

Fireworks - Chase field opens up on select nights for a spectacular fireworks show! The next one will be Friday, May 12th, followed by Saturday, June 24th, Saturday July 1st and 21st.  Get the full schedule here.

Bring Your Pets - Dog Days of Summer! Most of use look at our pets as family.  So why not bring them along with you and let them have some fun too! Tickets start at $160 and include a semi-private space for four people and one dog.  Each table comes with all you can eat hot dogs, popcorn, soda, water, peanuts and chips. There is also a small play area for your pups to run around an play. 

Family Restrooms - These are located throughout the park.  

  • Main Concourse - near 109 & 135
  • Suite Level - across from suite 160
  • Upper Concourse - 306 & 331

Bring Your Own Food - This is the first place we have been to that actually allows you to bring in your own food.  This is extremely helpful for families, like us who are always looking for ways to save, but don't want to miss out on the fun either.  Soft coolers that are smaller than 11x11x15 inches are allowed in.  Food is permitted as long as it is in a clear plastic bag.  Sealed water bottles are also allowed. 

Entertainment Between Innings - Between innings there are interactive games that get the entire stadium involved as well as the famous seventh inning stretch.  

I feel like there is just so much going on at Chase Field I can go on and on.  I hope you find these helpful, if you have any questions, please do ask! 

We challenge you - visit one game and share your experience with us! Even if you are not a baseball fan, try it! I'm telling you, it's an experience all on it's own!  We'll be bringing you more from the Arizona Diamondbacks throughout the season, so be sure to follow us!

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Our son plays ball & dreams of making it big one day, I love this picture of him, looking down and reflecting on the possibilities of the future.