The Swan Princess: Royally Undercover

*Disclosure: The movie was provided at no charge to help facilitate this feature. 

We will never get too old to watch a good kids movie!  Swan Princess: Royally Undercover was a hit with our family.  Fridays are usually our free nights so we try to cook up some good food and join around the TV to watch a movie or two.  The Swan Princess: Royally Undercover was an exciting, fun movie to watch, even for the boys!  This installment was more of a spy adventure with lots of fun gadgets and spy toys!  The kids love these kind of movies, because you can try to solve the puzzle along the way.  Going undercover along with the characters and putting yourself in the movie.  

This newest feature follows the enchanting tale of young Princess Alise and her friends as they embark on a new adventure where they solve a royal mystery using their detective skills and spy gadgets.  This comes out just in time for those Easter baskets and would make a great addition!  DVD Extras include In the Recording Studio with Macy Kate! The movie has a running time of approximately 79 minutes and is rated G. Pick up your copy today!