Sneaky treats to replace super-sized sweets

We are an active family. Both our youngest kids are involved with sports, so keeping fueled is so important! With Baseball season around the corner, kids are excitedly practicing their plays and Moms are obsessively mapping out schedules.  As parents, we sometimes spend so much time trying to focus on getting everyone where they need to be on time along with making sure they have all their equipment, we often forget the most important thing our kids need - to stayed hydrated and fueled!  You'll def want to skip the sugary filled drinks and opt for water.  As far as snacks please don't send your children with super-sized Snickers, Snickers and bags of chips!  Why not sneak in a sweet, all natural, superfood snack?  After all, diabetes and obesity are on the rise among kids.

Tasty, superfood snacks designed to fuel kids with organic fruits and vegetables.  Not only are they a healthy alternative to sugar-laden candies and other franken-foods that pop up around this time of year, but they are fun, crumb-free snacks that introduce kids to fruits such as mangoes, acai, yumberries, and pomegranates.  They serve as a great source of essential vitamins, and some flavors, including Creamy Banana Chocolate (our newest, with the least amount of sugar!) come packed with seven grams of protein.  Our youngest son is thirteen and plays club baseball, so while we play year round, we are coming upon the busiest time of year.  As a growing, active boy, he needs something that's going to give him some protein, not something filled with sugar, which will only weigh him down.  We tried these drinks for two weeks, during games and after practises.  He loved them! While they are def better cold, they don't have to be refrigerated.  Which makes them easy to throw in his baseball bag, cooler or even my purse!  It was quick, a healthier option and he seemed to enjoy them!  His favorite - Creamy Banana Chocolate!