Operation North Pole

**Disclosure: Operation North Pole hosted our visit to help facilitate this feature. 

In need of a new tradition or tired of the same ol' thing?!  We've got the perfect thing for you Vegas!  Operation North Pole!  That is our daughter above, standing at the entrance to the "North Pole".   Once those doors open up, you're in for a magical journey, just as if you are actually in the North Pole and Santa's workshop!  Operation North Pole is a 75 minute tour starting out in the candy shop!  You are welcomed by cute elves who are very interactive with everyone.  They really go out of their way to make sure everyone feels welcomed and comfortable throughout the entire experience.  You will visit four different rooms along your journey.  First is the candy room where you'll get to learn about all the candy making that happens in the North Pole along with some cotton candy that you can take with you to munch on while making your way to the next room.   Next up, where you will spend a majority of your time, is the Toy Workshop.

I don't want to show you too much of the workshop, some has to be to your imagination, but let me tell you - that is where the fun is! Those elves!  They love to play and have fun with the kids!  There are benches for the adults if they want to just sit back and it's a good time to get some video or pictures in.  They have craft tables set up where the kids can make ornaments.  But you definitely will not find the elves just sitting there!  They are like a bunch of kids themselves - singing, playing games, joking around and simply just having a good time with the kids. Every child also receives a stuffed bear to take home with them.   After at least a half hour in the Toy Workshop, we headed to Mrs. Claus Kitchen where she was busy making cookies.  We all took a seat at the table while she told us about the reindeer out back.  The cookies were passed out with some hot cocoa.  My daughters favorite part was Mrs. Clause going around to each of us individually, sprinkling our cookies with her "dust" and giving us some inspiration for the year.  It was on a very personal level and the kids, especially our daughter loved that.   The final room of the evening, was yes, you guessed it!  Santa's room!  It was very beautifully decorated!  We came to the conclusion, that this just might be the real deal!  The kids enjoyed that he was very talkative with them, engaging in conversation, which made them feel as if he was really listening to them. They do not allow any photography in Santa's room, but they do have an elf in the room taking pictures that you can purchase on your way out.  The room is so beautifully done, I would recommend getting the whole family in the picture, it would be a great pic for those holiday cards!    

All in all, I highly recommend Operation North Pole!  This is something that the kids will look forward to year after year! Bring your camera and get ready for an experience to remember! 

Operation North Pole Facts: 

  • Over 3,000 square feet of fun! 
  • 75 minute experience
  • The entire North Pole was put put together in two weeks!
  • Location: Tivoli Village at 440 S Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145
  • Children 0-18 months are free
  • Tickets are $36

**The two ladies who are behind the magic are very passionate about children and generously give back to several local charities including Marty Hennessy Inspiring Children Foundation, Boys and Girls Club and Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada. 

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit www.opnorthpole.com

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