This is  a sponsored feature in partnership with Bush's Chili Beans

As the seasons change and our bodies adjust to the reduced temperatures, we gradually make the shift to foods that warm both body and soul. Chili, our go to winter food, is hearty, warm and a longtime seasonal favorite.

Young and old alike love to gather around the stove and ladle out generous scoops of this perfect, one-pot dish. It’s easy to make and there are endless possibilities; you can serve it alone or alongside other dishes to add extra flavor. Those who identify as chili lovers describe themselves in a variety of ways, including best chili chef in the neighborhood.

Below, hear out Chef Saad as he shares with us some seasonal twists to chili, based on recent survey findings that identified how Americans prefer to eat this hearty dish. Chef Saad will also  discuss results of the new survey and what it says about people’s choices in chili cooking methods and essential chili ingredients.

Chef Saad hosts United Taste of America on the Cooking Channel and has written multiple cookbooks.  He’s also been featured on several TV cooking shows including, Chopped-All-Stars, Moveable Feast and Iron Chef America.