Recap of Smith's Food & Drug Holiday Party

Yesterday, Smith's Food & Drug held a holiday party in all of their stores.  Smith's is our go to store, it's right down the street from us and I love their prices!  We have been shopping there for over four years and come to know many of the cashiers and managers.  My favorite thing about Smith's Food & Drug is their customer service.  Not once have I received bad vibes.  They are always willing to go that extra mile, and customer service is big in my book!

So we decided to swing by and "join" in on the fun!  The table above was set up right when you walk into the store.  They were offering cake and juice, as well as raffle tickets that they called out every 15 minutes where you would get to come and spin and win!  Many samples and coupons throughout the store kind of made us not want to leave lol!  We def took our time strolling and just having a good time.    They do have events quite often, so watch for the next one and we will def keep you posted as well.  Also a great time to interact with store associates, try new products and stock up on coupons!