Bacon: Man's Best Friend's Best Friend

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, we were sent free product to help facilitate this feature. No monetary compensation was received. 

Pup-peroni has our pup saying 'woof yeah' this International Bacon Day! (month) 

Is there any better feeling than sharing a moment of pure happiness with your pooch? Literally nothing makes me happier than seeing our dog's tail wagging when he gets a taste of his favorite treats - I feel like I'm just as excited as he is! So when I saw that International Bacon Day was in September, I wanted to find a way to celebrate all month long one of my favorite foods (who doesn't love bacon, am I right??) with my favorite four-legged friend. (pictured above)
We picked up Pup-Peroni's new Filet Mignon & Bacon Flavors treats and brought them home for a taste test with our pooch. These treats are no joke - they're made with delicious angus steak and pack a bacon-y punch that our dog absolutely loves. Plus the soft, chewy texture gets his tail wagging - I can tell he's really loving these treats. I think I enjoy giving him these Filet Mignon & Bacon Flavors treats as much as he loves eating them! Now, on Sunday mornings when the smell of bacon is throughout the air, we both are happy and content, enjoying our Saturday  mornings together! 

No matter how you celebrated 'International Bacon Day', your pooch will be saying "woof yeah" to the tasty flavor of Pup-Peroni Filet Mignon & Bacon treats!
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