Just wanted to give everyone an update as we've been out for the past two weeks.  My Father In Law became ill almost two weeks ago.  The outcome was not good.  So we packed up and hit the road quickly with a seven hour road trip ahead.  Last weekend we were told there was nothing more the Doctors could do.  He had multi-organ failure and his heart was only working at 15%.  Last Monday, they placed him in Hospice care and he has been fighting on his own since then.  Our kids are leaving for church camp this Sunday and we had to pick up our dogs from boarding so made the long trek home today.  Hospice nurse's say he doesn't have much time left.  Thank you!

We left knowing he is now at peace and is comfortably resting.  I ask for continued prayers for him in his last days, as well as our family throughout this difficult time.  

We will resume this Tuesday