UPDATE **  First - I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter and is transitioning back to normal easily!  We've been super busy - the last week of March going into April is crazy for us and I wanted to touch base just to let you know what we're up to and the reason for the lack of posting this past week. 

From March 23rd until April 5th - we have five birthdays, our anniversary, Easter and are awaiting for my daughter to give birth any day now to her first child - yes, all in a two week period.   This next week alone, we still have our anniversary, the hubby's birthday and hopefully the birth of my second grandchild.   

Be assured, we are still answering emails as soon as we can and working behind the scenes to get back on schedule Monday, April 4th.  If you have an urgent need, please do put the work "urgent" in the subject line.  In the mean time - Love Life - this week, do something special for someone - pay for the person in line behind you, hold the door open for someone or even tell someone how much you really appreciate them - a simple "Thank You" sometimes can change a person's day.