So for a while now, both my kids have been asking to join in on the fun here.   We've talked about it quite a bit and thought about what is missing here in Vegas.  After doing some research, we decided to venture out and start a second site called Kids Do Vegas!  There are a ton of sites that cater to the younger crowed, babies and toddlers - but what about the 10+ crowd?  That is where my kids come in - they will be on scene "reporters" bringing you fun things to do, places to eat, shows to see and much more geared toward the 10+ crowd.

Now while the site is in the works, we are hoping to have it up in about a month or so - we have opened up a few social media accounts to get the buzz started!  Here is a short introduction as well as links to follow us along the way!  We will still be running Hula Hooping Mom as well, this will just be an addition.

Kids Do Vegas