Fishing Camp the Game

Our family was given the opportunity to check this game out and we were pretty excited! Not only because we love playing games and having fun together as a family, but because we are avid fishers as well!  Any chance we get, we love to take the kids out and go fishing!  Before I met my husband I had never fished.  He took us out and the kids and I instantly fell in love!  It's just so relaxing, peaceful and puts a yummy, healthy dinner on the table!  

Passing a love of fishing on to your kids can be difficult to do when casting all day and waiting for a bite seems like of the most boring activities in the world for their high energy.  A new game is making it easier by adding an element of competition.  The Fishing Camp game is a trivia board game that teaches new fisherman about, and challenges seasoned veterans knowledge of the sport as they race around the game board.  Fishing Camp is designed to grow with the player. Starting at level one the questions are primarily identification of fish and fishing tackle.  As the players increase in their knowledge about fishing, they grow into the higher level questions.  
The Fishing Game comes with 100 fun facts, 8 game characters and 16 levels of play! This game is one of our fav's and at the top in our game closet! Highly recommend! You can pick up the game through Amazon and currently retails for $24.99