Lassy Project Sharing their Back to School Tips

Hat's off to this guy! John Guydon, CEO of Lassy Project, shares his top five tips when it comes to keeping kids safe.  Guydon created an app technology that can help missing children. Since it's launch following the abduction and murder of a 12 year old girl, Jessica Ridgeway, Lassy Project has been instrumental in fostering local communities united around a single goal: to stand for the 685 children that go missing in the U.S. every single day.

Kids are heading back to school, with many of them marching through those doors independently for the first time.  What steps can you take to ensure your child is safe in his or her trek to the bus, the classroom, or even a friends home after school?

Here are Lassy Project's top 5 tips for keeping your kids safe:

  1. Stranger Danger: Teach your child about not taking anything from or going anywhere with a stranger
  2. Scout Their Routes: Know the routes your child will take to get to school and his or her friends’ houses
  3. Safety Zones: Designate a safe zone that you and you child know
  4. Buddy System: Make sure your child knows to stay in groups of 2 or more
  5. Be Lassy Safe: Download the Lassy Project app and create a profile for your child

John Guydon is co-founder of the Lassy Project, a free service that gives parents and guardians the ability to notify an entire local community about their missing child in seconds. With the single push of a button that sends a text alert, parents can mobilize a trusted group of family, friends and neighbors immediately to help with their search. This group of community members is called the ‘Lassy Village’ and they are the most important asset users have if a child goes missing. Together, we are helping to bring missing children home through the power of our communities.