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 **Disclosure: I was provided a free service plan in exchange for partnership in promoting Yes! Air Conditioning. All opinions are of my own. 

Can you believe that it's still above 100 degrees here in Las Vegas! This heat just will not go away and will more than likely stick around through October.  Without a good working air conditioning unit, you'll have a hard time of staying cool with the possibilities of having a higher bill as well.  Let's face it Vegas, we all know that our electric bills are high, especially during the summer when they can range from $250-$400 for most us and we spend the rest of the year paying off those summer bills.

When you're air conditioning unit does not peak at it's performance, that can cause the unit to break down or have to work even harder to cool down your home, causing you to have a higher bill.  I can't stress how important it is to make sure you get yearly maintenance for your units. Think about it, it's much cheaper to pay for a service plan than it is to continue to let your unit work harder, causing you to have a higher bill each month.  Yes! Air Conditioning & Plumbing provides a full range of service for home owners with competent, trained, dependable staff of experts that looks after and cares for your air conditioning system.

I was extremely impressed with the service we received at our first appointment.  Bill, our technician gave the impression that he really did care about, not only about our air conditioning out put but also our wallet.  Not once did he try to downplay what we already had. Not once did he try to "sell" other services, repairs or products.  He was extremely professional, quick, to the point and wanted to make sure we were comfortable with the cooling air in our home.

Yes! Conditioning & Plumbing offers a service plan for $169 that includes both plumbing and air conditioning inspections, tune-ups, 24/7 "front of the line" emergency service, professional grade cleaning of outdoor coil and so much more!  The $169 that you would be paying anyway in high energy bills if you don't have a properly working unit, so why not make sure everything is working correctly, cleaned out and blowing that cool air that it should.  Def worth it in the long run.  They even have monthly payment plans if that works better for you!

An added bonus for me was that every Yes! technician has also passed a local and national background check as well as a drug test and screening to ensure they provide the highest quality service and safety! And check out that rating! Almost 2000 reviews and a full five stars!!

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