Rinse, Recycle, Reimagine for a Bright Future

*Disclosure: This is a paid post in partnership with Unilever.  All opinions are of my own. This is a great campaign and I fully support it!

Soda cans, plastic bags, milk cartons, newspapers - all things we automatically think of when we think of recycling. Unilever in partnership with Keep America Beautiful wants you to Rinse, Recycle and Reimagine for a Brighter Future!  Go beyond our everyday recycling thoughts, think about how much is in your bathroom alone!  I bet more than what's in some of your kitchens!   Growing up our family recycled, we had bins for both trash and recyclables. My dad was big on crushing his cans and saving them for the recycling yard.  Not once, until this campaign did I ever think about all the items in my bathroom that could be recycled.   I mean, if you really think about it - how many bottles of shampoo does the family go through? On top of that all of the other bathroom bottles! Lotions, body washes, etc.....it's a lot, right!?

Unilever - the maker of products including Dove, Suave, St Ives, Caress and many more we know and love - is stepping in to inspire Americans to clean up their act in the bathroom!

Are you a bathroom hoarder? Yes ladies, I am talking to you....1 in 5 Americans (20%) have more than 10 bathroom products in plastic bottles in the bathroom at a given time.  You would think it's the ladies that recycle more right, especially with all of our beauty products - wrong!  More men (80%) reported recycling their empty bathroom bottles than women (74%). Come on ladies!

Unilever can't do this alone, and so the company has introduced the Unilever BrightFuture initiative.  What began as Project Sunlight in 2013 has evolved into a larger movement designed to bring Unilever's purpose to life and inspire Americans to take small actions that add up to a big difference - whether that's wasting less, sharing more, turning off the tap, turning on community activism or, simply, recycling - because everyone has a role to play in creating a brighter future.

Way to help spread the movement -

  • Spread the word by sharing a photo of your bathroom empties being recycled on Twitter and Instagram using #ReimagineThat and add #Sweeps to your post to be entered for a chance to win recycled, reimagined prizes! 
  • Watch famous Internet Illusionist Zach King and others reimagine recycling and share their videos across your social channels. 
  • Visit BrightFuture.Unilever.us to learn how you can help bridge the gap in bathroom recycling!