Weekend Recap

I always feel like the weekend goes by way too fast, especially since I started working full time!  So wanted to start doing a Monday Recap of our weekend to share our family with you and to hear what some of you have done this past weekend.   I know a lot of you were probably stuck inside this weekend due to snow, we even had some rain to end this weekend.   Tamales & Baseball! That was our weekend.   One of my favorite things as we go into spring is baseball.  I am a huge baseball fan.  While I do love the Angels and the Giants -  my favorite team each year is my son's team.  He's been playing baseball for the past 8 years.  There is no other way I would rather spend my weekend other than the ballpark watching these kids play their heart out - love it!

After baseball, we spent the rest of the weekend, I feel like eating! lol!  I feel so stuffed!  We decided to make tamales, so made the meat Saturday and on Sunday bought the masa and finished cooking them.   So good - nothing better than homemade tamales - yes, this white girl can cook - sometimes!

To be honest, my husband does most the cooking. I thank God he can cook, because I sure can't!  He made the chili from scratch, cook the meat and yes, even steamed the tamales.  :)  Oh - and they had the Color Run here in Vegas this weekend, which I totally missed!  So bummed!  But my husband had to work and my son had baseball so it all worked out.  But next time, I totally wanna do this with the family - looks like so much fun!!