Skylanders.....Love Potion Pop Fizz

Now, I know to some, this little guy may look scary and intimidating, but really I think he's just the cutest little pink fuzz ball!!  Introducing Skylanders newest stud......Love Potion Pop Fizz!  Don't you just want to run into those fuzzy arms?  When his latest attempt to concoct the ultimate raspberry soda totally backfired, Pop Fizz was caught in a blast that turned him pink and gave him an alluring aroma.  At least that's how he tells it.  But with Valentines Day this weekend, the Skylanders are all wondering if Pop Fizz is telling the truth - or if there is a special someone that he's trying to impress!  This character is available for a limited time at major retailers for $14.99.

Skylanders also wants fans to show their love to friends and family with signature Valentine Cards!  These cards are available at major retailers, including K-Mart and Walmart for only $2.99!! Can't beat that! Perfect for those upcoming school parties!