Ditch The Stick with Dry Spary #TRYDRY

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Disclosure: Hula Hooping Mom has been compensated by Global Influence in partnership with sharing this campaign. 

Have you ever had a antiperspirant mishap? That embarrassing moment when half way through the day you notice those white stain marks around your arm pits or that day when you are at an important event and get a smell of that not so nice body oder you thought you prevented that day. There is one time I remember.  I was on a date, after dinner.  I could smell body oder but just knew it couldn't have been me! I put on deodorant, as I did every morning after my shower.   I continued to smell, continued to wonder who that was.  I tried to be sneaky and smell my under arms without making it too obvious, but of course that's just not something you can do in public with out someone noticing what you are up to.   I excused myself to the restroom - I had to take a wiff and see if really it was me - it was!!!  Oh my gosh was I embarrassed and really wanted to get the date over with.  I did not want him to smell what I smelled - what a turn off that would have been. 

I'll be honest, before this campaign I have never used a spray on antiperspirant!  Never!  I have always resorted to the white stick deodorant.  I always use to think how wet they would be and that there's no way they could last throughout the day.  So I was ever so anxious to give this a try!  I am one to always try things at least once.   I made sure to pick a day where I didn't have anywhere to go. Where I wouldn't be around a bunch of people, just in case it happen not to last.  Also - a night when I know my husband was going to be too tired from work to get too close!  First day - seemed to work!  When I sprayed it on, it just about dried instantly - no dripping down my side as I expected.   Also - I did not have to reapply as I did using the white stick.  Dove is a brand I love and use daily, so that def did help when giving me some push to give this a try!  Very happy with it - not only did it last, I didn't even have to worry about those ugly nasty stains appearing on my clothes for everyone to see.  So if you are a committed white stick user with the same fears I had - trust me and give this a try!!  Get the superior protection you need and feel the cleaner difference in all of their new Dry Spray Antiperspirants from Degree Men, Degree Women, Dove, Dove Men+Care and Axe. 

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