Consumer = Business

I am an avid shopper and a firm believer in that that consumer is what makes the company!  I've always believed that and I wish more companies would focus more on the consumer and less about who can make the most money.   Hello - you are not going to have money, if you are not making the consumers happy.  Yes, I am the person who reaches out to corporate when things are not satisfactory.  Even those big rigs that speed and cut people off - you bet I'll be the one calling to report. How can you not report that? What if a horrible accident happened? Wouldn't you feel guilty?  If we as consumers do not take that step, then these big companies will continue to walk all over us, not giving a thought to the consumer and only looking at the dollar signs.  Or some may actually care, but have no idea how their business is really being run because consumers do not speak up.

My husband and I run a small family run business.  One we just started this year.  Although we are new, we will never leave a customer unsatisfied! We will go above and beyond to ensure that we have a repeat customer - and not only a repeat customer, but one that will refer and bring other business to  us.   I am appalled when I write into a company (and most the time these are huge companies with billions of dollars) and they reply with; "I'm sorry, here's a 10% discount" - are you kidding me? You are a huge company and you are going to give an unhappy customer a percentage off?  I'm also a couponer and bargain shopper; you can always find a discount somewhere.

Consumers - Speak up!!  Write, call or email the company - let them know what your experience was so that someone else will not experience that.  It does not always have to be a complaint.  I've submitted many notes to a company about an employee what did go above and beyond, they def deserve recognition as well.

Companies - big or small - step up your game!  Show your consumers that you really do value their business.  If you get a complaint, don't give a percentage off - offer a gift card or product as not only as a "here I'm sorry" but to show how much you care about the customer, that you do want them to return and you do value their business.  If they spent $40, offer a $100 gift card - go above and beyond!  In reality, if you go above and beyond - that in return will only help the company, it won't be a loss, but a gain by gaining their service and referrals (you'll profit that $100 back and keep their service, it will pay for itself and then some) and the refection of you and the service you provide......