MommyMedsApp is Live (Free for a limited time!)

In celebration of the launch of the new MommyMeds brand for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, the iOS mobile app MommyMeds is now free for a limited-time. Available for free until December 1st, the app and new, complementary website help mothers look up symptoms and saftey information on thousands of medications.

MommyMeds, an extension of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center’s (TTUHSC) InfantRisk Center, now offers a WebMD-like hub for mothers, lactation specialists and natal care professionals with the newly launched website.  For a continued experience, the MommyMeds app will now feature information from the new website. MommyMeds and were created with extensive evidence-based research by one of the world’s leading experts in perinatal pharmacology, Thomas Hale, R.Ph.,Ph.D.

“A healthy mom makes a healthy baby,” InfantRisk Center Executive Director, Dr. Hale said. “There’s almost always something a pregnant mother can use safely, and we want to promote that with a variety of useful tools and information.”

Resources in the MommyMeds app include:

● Reliable safety ratings and other information for more than 20,000 drugs, vitamins and herbals
● Enter a product name or sort by category to find product safety information and determine if it is safe for use during each trimester and while breastfeeding
● Convenient barcode scanner for over-the-counter medications
● Lists appropriate drugs for various conditions while pregnant or breastfeeding, including headache, nausea, allergies and more
● Hot topics related to pregnancy and breastfeeding

“MommyMeds is vital for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers,” said TTUHSC President Tedd L. Mitchell, M.D. “The app could become as synonymous with prenatal care as folic acid and ultrasounds. We commend Dr. Hale and the InfantRisk Center for their significant contribution to the health and safety of women and infants.”

MommyMeds is compatible with both the Android phone and Apple iPhone. The app is available in the App Store for free until December 1st. The app will continue to be available for $1.99 in the App Store and Google Play Store thereafter.