Best Foods Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe Tour

**Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Modern Mom Insider for Best Foods.  All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

Thanksgiving leftovers - nothing better than that!  But if you are like us and have so much leftover that you just don't know what else to do with it all, I've got some tasty ideas for you!  Thanksgiving Turkey is delicious but it can quickly dry out int he days following.  Transform your leftovers with a little help from Best Foods.  Best Foods Mayonnaise helps make turkey moist and delicious.  The secret to great-tasting leftovers is using quality ingredients that complement each other.  Best Foods Mayonnaise helps bring flavors together to keep every bite satisfying.  Best Foods Mayonnaise is real mayonnaise made with real ingredients; like eggs, oil and vinegar.

 After a couple days of eating left overs as is, I needed to mix things up a bit, but I also wanted something that was simple, quick and satisfying.   We had made two turkeys for Thanksgiving, we had fried one and roasted the other.  The roasted turkey had started to become dry and needed some help if we were going to get through it.  We had tons of rolls and tons of turkey - so why not put the two together!

  • Roll out a package of crescent rolls
  • Spread with a tablespoon of mayonnaise or mix in with the turkey as I did above
  • Place some turkey on the edge of the roll
  • Roll and place in oven until brown
YUM! These literally melted in your mouth!! They were so good!!  They mayonnaise was the perfect addition to moisten things up a bit.  You can even add some green beans, some stuffing (which I think I'm going to try tomorrow night) or even some ham.  Simple, easy and def satisfying! 

For more recipes and information visit and don't forget to add Best Foods Mayonnaise to your shopping list when you're at the grocery store next time - it's the secret to great-tasting leftovers!