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**Disclosure: This is a sponsored by Global Influence.  All opinions are of my own

Ahhh....Beauty, it's all something, we as a Mother strive to hang onto as we age.  As I get older and the wrinkles start to come out, I am always trying to find ways to help my skin stay firm and to blend in those fine line wrinkles.    My mom was not around much when I was growing up, so I did not have a mom to show me how to take care of myself.  We also ate a ton of fast food.  There was not many home cooked meals growing up.  I learned pretty much all of my cooking from my grandma.   From waffles, to salmon to artichokes - it was all learned from grandma.  My grandma also kept herself up.  Even through she could not get out at times due to her health, she would have people come to her, to do her hair and nails.   I always admired that about my grandma, that no matter what age, she always made sure she felt good about herself and never did she let herself go.  That is something I take in everyday.  There is hardly a day that goes by that I won't shower and get dressed.  When I go out with my family, I make sure I look good before I step out the door.  The one tip I can give you is - never let yourself go.  

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