Good Morning!  I wanted to take a minute and give you all an update on my husband.  I know many of you have been praying and we really appreciate all the love and support.  Back in April, when he had his emergency colostomy we never expected to have all the complications that have come along with it and that the hospital would become our second home. 

He has been in the hospital since last Friday, the 12th.  He had gone in for major pain and an infection that has been lingering around.   The surgeon recommend that he has robotic surgery to reverse his colostomy instead of going the normal route.  Only because his body does not seem to be adjusting to the colostomy bag, the incision would be much smaller, the healing time would be cut in half and it is a much more invasive surgery.  He's not too worried about the infection, because he said when they do the reversal that section that is infected will be cut off anyway.  

Now we absolutely love the surgeon, he's been really great throughout this whole process and we trust him.  Since he strongly recommended the robotic surgery, we said we would consult with the surgeon doing the robotic surgery to get a better understanding of it.  She came into the hospital yesterday to have the consult with us.  I asked her what you success rate was and she told be "5 for 5".  That's it, five!!?!  The way it was talked about, I thought she was much more experienced.  Now I'm nervous.  I trust my husband and will support any decision he makes and also trust in the Lord that he will carry us through.  We did pray about it and gave it to God.  Michael will be having a colonoscopy done today to find out what all exactly is going on inside, to make sure the CDiff infection is completely gone and that he is ready for surgery. 

Please continue to keep him and our family in prayer!  Let's storm Heaven with favor!! To support our family during this difficult time, please visit www.gofundme.com/gracethroughout or you can also made a supportive donation through our PayPal at hernandez5621@netzero.com  Thank you & God Bless!!